August 2017

I don't have much time off work but heard through a friend Ann was a great girl to meet and thought to treat myself. What a treat it was! I met her that same night and was able to have her at my hotel. We talked at length about my work, her travels... It was like meeting and old friend, who happens to be extremely attractive. Her kiss and her touch are addictive. I have never had a better date. 

May 2017

My wife and I were looking to spice things up and began to browse Chicago providers to see if any piqued our interest. It was our first time experiencing something like this, but when we found Ann we felt meeting her would be worth the risk. Her correspondence with us made us feel totally comfortable. She was very kind and listened to all of our desires. After our date, my wife and I were both blown away by how gorgeous she was and what a remarkable companion she is. She made our fantasies come true and then some. Although I never thought I would say this, my wife may want to see her again just as much as I do! 

February 2017

I was traveling for work and was lucky to grab some time with Ann. The screening process was quick and easy. Setting a date with her was no problem at all. When I first saw her I was taken aback at how utterly hot she was. She has a perfect 10 of a body and a face to match. When we got back to my hotel she blew my mind like nothing I've ever experienced... If you can, make a date with her, you will NOT be disappointed. 

October 2016

Ann is truly the epitome of a professional. She is incredibly sexy while also stunningly beautiful. She is able to make you feel like you are the only person in the room, no matter where you are. I have been seeing her for a while now, and I have to say - the experience keeps getting better. I love to make time for her to see her in her sexy outfits, sometimes the ones I provide for her. She brought me to a level of pleasure I did not know I could reach, and every time I see her is better than the last. Always on time, always courteous and great to be around. She's true perfection. 

February 2016

Ann , as i and others have described her in various reviews, is an elegant, beautiful, mesmerizing sexy Milf and my ATF since i first met her almost a year ago. My times with her are relaxing, highly sensual and she has an allure and performance that is sometimes hard to verbalize.

so guys , if you are able to see this awesome lady i highly recommend her but treat right and you will be rewarded

April 30st, 2014

"I was returning to Chicago and wanted to meet some of the finest ladies in town. I had known about Ann from my previous visit. A few inquiries and reading some past reviews I decided to schedule a couple hour date with Ann. On the day of our date Ann responded directly to my communications. I was seated in a secluded part of the bar and when she walked in she looked exactly as she does in her pics, perhaps better. She is statuesque and elegant. I was greeted with a wonderful European accent but has excellent command of English. I admired her knowing that 2 hours was not going to be sufficient to enjoy all she had to offer. Ann is such an elegant lady, I don't think a series of acronyms can do justice to our encounter. Ann is first and foremost an elegant companion. If you are interested in this type of an encounter, you will be extremely pleased. Be a gentleman and I'm sure you will be rewarded."

January 21st, 2013

"I found Ann through a mutual friend of ours and after seeing her pictures, sent her a note to meet the next day. She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and she radiates passion in person. We share a desire not to kiss and tell but our time together was so amazing that I felt compelled to at least say to whomever is curious about her that she is a most ravishing and sensual creature. Her intelligence, charming wit, adorable accent and naughty skills only add to her heavenly body. She is a true lady and for the few who can appreciate her, I encourage you to share some time with her. Carpe Diem my friends."

October 5th, 2012

"AMAZING, WOW, STUNNING! A few words to descibe Ann. Met her at my hotel lounge. Her beauty is breathtaking. I immediately felt a connection with her. We sat near the lounge fireplace and chatted as if we were old friends. It did feel that way because I felt so comfortable with Ann. We had a cocktail, the time flew by and we adjourned to my room.
Would I see her again?
In a heartbeat.
Is she beautiful?
One of the most beautiful women I have ever encountered.
Why did I choose Ann?
Her maturity, her beautiful eyes and if course her strikingly beautiful body.
I regret not seeing her in Arizona when I had an opportunity a few years back.
Work and time has not allowed me the luxury of visiting Chicago again to see Ann.
I will see her again and again.
She is my fantasy."

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