Frequently Asked Questions

First and foremost, the gentlemen with whom I spend my time have (like me) impeccable hygiene and are well-mannered. I will always provide these two qualities for you, and I expect you to please do the same for me. This is to ensure our time together reaches its fullest potential for sensuous delight. 

Screening is required to meet me. 

All new clients need to either complete the secure online booking form,, or include the following info in your email:

2 references from reputable providers, please provide the following.

   1. Name of provider 
   2. Email      
   4. Website 

If you do not have 2 current references to offer, please provide me with the following:

   1. Your legal name
   2. Occupation
   3. Place of work
   4. Work Email
   5. Work Phone Number
   6. Work Website
   7. Cell Number not a burner phone (Unless you ask me to, I will not message you ) 

Everyone needs to provide the following, no matter your screening preference:
   1. How did you find me? 
   2. Real Name (required)
   3. Alias
   4. Home State
   5. Height/ Weight 
   6. Age
   7. Race ( White, Black, Asian ) 
   8. Ethnicity  ( not the same as race)
   9. Desired date and time of appointment. 
   10. All Handles  
   11. Contact #

This information is confidential, I will not share or store your private information. Discretion is assured, this process is for my safety! 

*** Cancellation Policy ***
Cancellations with a 48 hours will incur a 100% fee.


How will you greet me? 
You will get to see in person what you've been fantasizing about in my photographs... I will warmly embrace you and we will walk together into whatever is in store for us on our date. 

How do you take your donation? 
Please place the donation for my time in an envelope on a visible surface upon greeting me.

Is your donation negotiable?
My donation rate is not negotiable. However, if you are a longstanding client with an ongoing prepaid engagement you will receive a discount. 

Is a deposit necessary?
I require deposits for first time appointments or longer durations. 

How quickly can I book a date?
I encourage a 24 hour notice for our meeting or longer. This ensures I have time to fulfil every desire and fantasy! 

How quickly can I expect a response from you?
You can usually expect a response within 24 hours. Please understand that, like you, I have a busy full time schedule. If the rare occurrence of unresponsiveness happens, please message again me after 48 hours. I will always respond when I see your message! 

What is your screening process? Can it be done upon meeting? 
Pre screening is non negotiable and takes 1-2 days. 

What do you mean by 'hygiene'?
Please shower upon meeting me, I am happy to join you. My standards are high, as are yours, and cleanliness ensures both of us enjoy each other without any inhibitions. 

Do you have a preferred meeting time? 
With enough notice, I am able to accommodate any meeting time. If I had to chose, however, I would opt for an earlier start as this allows the evening to unfold gradually and I hate to rush! 

Do you have tattoos or piercings? 
I have no tattoos or piercings. My skin is milky soft and free of any impurities. 

Do you drink? 
My main indulgence is champagne of the French variety! 

Do you smoke? 
I do not smoke. If you would like to have a smoke while we meet, you are more than welcome. Please brush your teeth or pop a mint afterwards. 

Are your photos accurate? 
My photos are guaranteed me. I update them often so please check back. I love doing photo shoots and showing off my body for you! 

Do you have girlfriends I can see with you? 
I have many bombshell girlfriends, he sky is the limit, let me know your fantasy when filling out the booking! 

Do you do bachelor parties? 
I love bachelor parties! I have many gorgeous girlfriends who would love to party with us. Simply let me know what you're looking for and leave the planning to me. 

What will you be wearing? 
I am a vision of pure femininity. I have expensive taste and a stylish eye for elegance. I am open to pleasing you, however - if there is something you are dying to see me in please let me know. I love to dress up! 

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